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  Rae McGreevy writing in the Highfields Library during the project.
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The Prodigal Dog
Little Pond
Lost in the Valley of Diamonds
Flight of Horror (withdrawn 2005)
Up the Hill
The Man by the Billabong
The Council of Murnoth
Burnt Alive
Birth of a Stud Sire (Sweet William)
Susie Gumnut
The Fun Fair
Gina's Magical Goldfish
What Used to Be
The Cheese Ball
Taddy's Journeys
Bitter - Sweet Parting
  There are budding writers of all ages old and young throughout Queenland.
   When the Public Libraries Division of the State Library of Queensland decided to spend some of their International Year of the Older Person budget on a project in a regional library, the Crow's Nest Shire Librarian, Babette Perina, had no trouble getting a group of writers and poets together.
   Ten residents of Highfields and Crow's Nest attended six days of creative writing and web publication workshops at the Highfields Branch Library.  As we started to get to know each other we realised what a diverse group we were - eleven year old primary student to a zestful eighty five year old farmer, town and country, employed and retired.
   We shared stories, played games, gave each other feedback and learnt and shared skills. For some of us it was the first time we had put fingers to keyboard or hand to mouse let alone explored the possibilities of web pages, search engines and chat rooms.
   We decided to not only publish our writing on this Web site but also to keep going as a writers support group.
   If you would like to contact us to let us know what you like about our publication or to just say 'hullo' please don't hesitate. Send us an email highfields_writers@yahoo.com   or drop us a line care of :- Margie Vonhoff, MS 1073 Groomsville, via Crow's Nest, Q4355, Australia.
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