Sharing the Stories
Here is a selection of stories created in Australia over the years with different age groups for you to read and retell.

Stories for Pre-schoolers and Infants
Freddie the Teddy meets the Monster.
  - a story about the wonderful Teddy that leaps out of my props bag. This one was created at Our Lady of the Rosary Preschool, Kenmore, Brisbane.
Robert finds a light bulb.
  - created at Ironside Preschool, Brisbane.
Saving the Zebra
  - created at Buderim Preschool on the Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane.
Blue and the Bone Tree
  - created during a performance with preschool age children from Pacific Paradise State Preschool Centre and Mudjimba Community Preschool and Kindergarten on 24/10/1997.
The Little Drop of Rain
- created with students at Yeronga Park Kindergarten, this story has become part of my regular repertoire. It's a little different each time of course. If you read or tell it yourself you can have fun adding in different details that you know about creek life. 

Tweety and the old lady
- created by Rebecca Tunny from Deniliquin. This is a good example of how some stories are really important and should be told and published.

 Stories for Primary School Students
Palm Sunday Peace Stories
On Sunday 28th March, 1999 I was invited to tell peace stories at the Palm Sunday Rally for Peace in Brisbane. We also improvised and created our own Peace Story and illustrated it on the spot. It's the first of, what I hope will become, a long list of peace stories.

The Blood Filled Cave
Students from 6 to 13 years old at the Coorparoo State School After School Care had fun creating this mind bending and messy story with me.
The Woozals At South Banks IMAX
Four students from year 4C at Ironside State School created this story after one of my storytelling story/creation workshops. The class decided this was the one, out of all their stories, that they wanted published so, here it is! Watch out for the Woozals!
Spice Up Your Life at Ironbark Gully
  This story is explosive. It was created with year 3.3 students during a project at Ferny Hills State School in Brisbane's north west. It's a neat mix of students local environment, Ironbark Gully picnic area, their culture, Spice Girls music, and their free moving creativity.
The Striped Marsh Frog and the Queen of the Pond
  Here's a story about two of our beautiful local Australian animals - the Striped Marsh Frog and the Bearded Dragon. I had the pleasure of creating it with the Year 2 students at Westside Christian College at Goodna.
Another Boring Excursion?
 Another story from Westside Christian College at Goodna - this time from the year 3c's. There's a snake and a Brahminy Kite in this one.

Koala Climbs High
This is a story created by Rebecca Tunny and Peter Tunny (with a little typing help from their Uncle) during Christmas holidays. I love the way they have incorporated activities and people important in their lives into an Australian fairytale setting.
The Mud Monster from Hell
  It's an exciting story created at Maroochydore Library on the 21st August, 1997 by 5 and 9yr olds. The title gives you an idea how they made a story set in their local school and environment exciting and dramatic.
The Fisherman Who Needed a Bath
The Quest for the Tomato Sauce
  Stories created by a mixed audience of preschool and primary school students at the Noosa Shire Library on the 20th August, 1997. Both stories are centred around the wonderful Noosa River and the Cooloola National Park.
Old Joe Gets a Bit Sharkey.
 An Australian tall story created amongst the fishermen, mangroves and pelicans of Brighton on the shores of Moreton Bay.
The Space Watch
 Sick of Game Boy and Nintendo? How about a real Star Wars game?
Rebecca the Pirate
What happens when an old pirate has a heart attack just as he is giving his treasure map to his grand-daughter?

Crossing the Valley of the Dragon
 Dragons, wild bulls, warriors, Kings and Queens and a large shining diamond. This is a fantasy created in folk tale style to include a specific message.
Stories for Secondary School Students and Adults
St. Margaret's Girls School Is Simply Dripping With History
 A spooky story created with year eight students about a history lesson that goes strangely wrong. The story uses the wonderful old WWII air raid shelters and the historical Tom Petrie mansion that is now part of the school.
Me Mate Spider and the Mosquitos.
 A typical Australian tall story set in Brisbane's beautiful Moreton Bay. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.
The Pied Piper of Hamelin.
 Here's my adaption of a traditional European folk tale. I've retold it to emphasise the surprising environmental and political messages of the story.

Stories about Storytelling
This Tree is Dying.
Some really neat things happen when you're telling stories. This is one of them. I've used this story many times to illustrate how creative and intelligent young children are.


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