We all tell stories in ordinary day-to-day ways but what does it take to tell a story in a way that brings that story to life,
that makes characters talk and sing,
that transports a listener to that place in their imagination
where the story entrances, entertains and inspires?

How can we use storytelling skills effectively in the family room, the kindie, the class room, the training room or the sales room?

workshops & training

primary & secondary students

early childhood workers, teachers, librarians

corporate and promotional storytelling

storytelling for fun and pleasure  some workshop notes

An introduction to storytelling

Easy Learning of Stories

Bringing Stories Alive

Bringing Stories Alive - summary

Bringing Stories Alive - dot points

More Bringing Storie s Alive - creating a culture

Adapting stories for performance

Creating and Improvising Stories for Children

Stories parents and young children

Telling stories with three to five year olds

Storytelling for toddlers in family care and playgroups

Storytelling for toddlers in family care and playgroups summary and resources

Storytelling and story creating in the class room

Storytelling in the classroom - summary

Storytelling in Out Side School Hours Care - summary

The art of telling and creating the short story

The art of the tall story


Overcoming Blocks to Easy Storytelling

Earning a Living from Storytelling in Australia

Storytelling - a growing community cultural development tool

The Power of stories in the corporate environment

Storytelling - turning passive consumers into narrative explorers

My storytelling philosophy

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