Corporate and promotional storytelling
Effective communication skills are vital tools in business and corporate life. Storytelling training develops these skills enabling staff and executives to communicate with energy, impact and flair.

Good storytellers are good communicators. They respond to an audience, large or small, with flexibility and creativity. They draw on an understanding of narrative structure, metaphor, characters and dialogue to present 'stories' in ways that each specific audience can connect with.

Stories and storytelling in all of its forms has survived and served us for so long because of the unique qualities of the story or the narrative form. Stories encapsulate information in a form that can be accessed by all ages and all cultures. Using the magic of the narrative form, stories can take complex sets of information and summarise and transform them into entertaining and engaging reports, proposals and scenarios.

Our corporate stories are just as important as our names and logo. The stories that customers tell about service, or that employees tell about their experience, can support or erode corporate plans and campaigns.

Success stories, campaign stories, life stories, the corporate history, motivational stories, problem solving stories, inspirational stories - there are so many useful story forms that businesses and corporations can access and utilise.


The Power of Stories in the Corporate Environment

Presentations, Workshops & Training

Corporate Storytelling - injecting power into your corporate communictions
Bringing Stories Alive
Creating and Improvising Fresh, New Narrative
5 Week Storytelling Training Course
Sharing the Power of the Narrative - seminar or conference presentation

Projects and Consultancies

Success Stories
Project Histories and Learnings
Report Presentation Performances
Team building, Visioning, Planning

Have you got a problem or a challenge that might benefit from a fresh creative approach? Don't hesitate to give me a ring or an email and tell me your story. I 'm used to 'happily ever after' endings.

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