Storytelling for toddlers in families, playgroups and family day care - summary and resources.
All children like story sessions that are fun, energetic and safe.

Bring stories alive with expression, sounds, movement, jokes, songs and participation.

Create safety and enjoyment by cutting down distractions and maintaining structures that participation, taking turns, being creative and providing surprises.

Types of stories
It is good to include a variety of different stories in each story session. Depending on how old your children are and how long the session is you might include:

- 1 read story, 1 told story and 1 improvised story, or
- 1 story beginning with a nursery ryhme, 1 puppet story and 1 acted out story, or
- 1 personal story, 1 pet story and 1 make believe story.

One way of allowing your children to decide is with a story treasure chest. For example, children take turns to secretly put into the story treasure chest, 1 story book, 1 object to improvise with and 1 magic wish.

Post storytime activities
Depending on age and when you have storytime, you might like to follow up with activities that build on the storytime. There are endless possibilities including:
- draw a picture of your favourite story character,
- draw a map of what happened in your favourite story
- publish an improvised story by drawing what happened, adding words, create a cover together, staple and bind with coloured tape
- publish an improvised story with text and drawings, clip art or photos on an internet blog
- record a story and podcast it.

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