Storytelling for fun and pleasure - workshop

People get a pleasant surprise when they ask me what I do for a living. They love to think that someone can earn a living from something that gives so much pleasure to people.

One doesn't have to tell stories for a living to enjoy it however. We can all enjoy telling stories and seeing the pleasure it gives others. Learning how can be fun as well.

This workshop includes:
telling in a relaxed way
exploring different stories and styles
telling the stories we already know
how to learn new stories easily
choosing easy storytelling spaces
structuring story sessions so that both performer and audience will get most out of it
exploring props, puppets and other storytelling aids
storytelling games and exercises to add fun to your storytelling
humour and jokes in storytelling
building confidence

- workshop available as a one off session of 3 hrs duration (weekend or conference) or as three ninety minute sessions once a week

- notes and post workshop support provided

price - $30 per participant for three hour one off session
$50 per participant for 3 weekly sessions (minimum of 10 students, maximum of 30)

conference and seminar talks, speeches and key note addresses available

requirements - clear room space with minimal distractions, preferably carpeted, chairs for participants, (white board is useful)

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