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Daryll Bellingham is a professional storyteller and narrative consultant based in Brisbane. For over fifteen years he has been performing and running sessions, workshops, projects in schools, preschools, libraries and community and corporate venues.

Daryll regularly runs storytelling training workshops for library, teaching and early childhood staff and community development workers and participants.

He is a member of the Queensland Storytelling Guild, Qld Commmunity Arts Network, QPIX and the Digital Storytelling Association. He has performed in and helped organise storytelling festivals, concerts and events around Australia including the 2003 Australian National Storytelling Festival in Brisbane.

Daryll also takes his passion for a good storytelling into the community.

'Helping community members discover the stories they have in common and those that are unique helps build bridges and create confidence and esteem. Combining and transforming personal stories with other art forms creates community magic. I loved working with Getano Bann and the West End Community Storytelling Group to create, perform and produce the concert and movie of 'Stories and Songs of Vulture Street.''

The Digital Storytelling format is now providing Daryll with another creative publishing outlet for personal and community stories. In 2005 he helped both the Brisbane City Council and the Logan City Council Library Services obtain Queensland Stories Grants to run Digital Storytelling projects in their areas. The launch of the 'Loving Logan - Adapting to a New City' was scheduled as part of the Logan City Citizenship Ceremony.

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