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Daryll Bellingham is a professional storyteller and narrative consultant based in Brisbane. For over fifteen years he has been performing and running sessions, workshops, projects in schools, preschools, libraries and community and corporate venues.

Daryll regularly runs storytelling training workshops for library, teaching and early childhood staff. He is a member of the Queensland Storytelling Guild and has performed in and helped organise storytelling festivals and events around Australia including the current Australian National Storytelling Festival in Brisbane.

Daryll's training in community theatre and improvisation combined with his finely honed appreciation of the narrative form through storytelling performance provides him with a unique set of skills for helping writers young and old to create fresh, exciting stories for performance or publication.

'I love to help students in one location create stories about their place and then perform those stories for other students somewhere else. When they say, "That was cool!" I can say, "Do you think we could do better here?" and away we go celebrating their lives and community through creating, writing, performing and publishing their unique and individual stories.'

One example of this type of project was the publication of the story created with the students at Urandangi school called 'Goanna Jumps High' by Magabala Books. Working in collaboration with author/illustrator Narelle Oliver, Daryll helped the students from the isolated NW Qld school to not only create their own stories but get one of the best published and distributed nationally.

Publication of student's stories doesn't have to be limited to the print media however. Daryll is experienced in creating and running world wide web, digital storytelling (short movies) and weblog publishing projects.

'Storytelling and the narrative are an important part of the school syllabus and having the fresh input of an experienced storyteller can provide an exciting and stimulating start to a unit of work or a larger creative project.'

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