Stories & storytelling
are important tools of community.

Whether it's supporting individuals or communities
to tell their stories,

celebrating them in performance or other art forms or

using them to explore and expose issues,
stories are important.

Stories explore issues,
make statements, provide shelter and inspiration. If you want to celebrate or acknowledge an individual or group, if you want to describe a place or illuminate a problem or solution, tell a story.

Stories encapsulate information
so that important features of an event can be passed on from teller to listener in entertaining and relevant ways. In stories we find dreams, aspirations, histories and hopes.

Stories provide acknowledgement,
build self esteem, confidence and community health.

Community Cultural Development Projects
Speaking Out - discovering and celebrating individual & community stories
Community Storytelling Groups
Spinning a Web - creating and publishing individual & group stories
Home tellings, Cafes, Concerts and Festivals
Oral History Projects
Reminiscence Storytelling
Stories and Songs of ........
Skill Development
Bringing Stories Alive - how to tell stories in interesting and entertaining ways
Improvisation and Creativity made easy

Examples of successful projects
Writing in Highfields and Crows Nests
West End Community Storytelling Group
Stories and Songs from the Inala Yarning Place

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