'Bringing Stories Alive'

Although we all tell stories in our day to day lives, there are some skills and techniques that will make it easy to learn and remember stories and that will enable all tellers to enjoy telling them in an entertaining way to an appreciative audience.

'Bringing Stories Alive' presents those tools and gives participants a chance to practice them with support and supervision.

It is suitable as a one off refresher for an existing community group, part of a festival or project, or as a part of series of storytelling workshops. It can be adapted for a wide range of different participant needs.

Content includes:
understanding the nature of stories
bringing characters and settings alive
presenting problems and resolutions
effortless and speedy learning of stories
using audience participation
adding feeling, emotion and expression to telling
effective use of voice

Process includes:
working with participants' own stories
games and exercises
small and large group activities

3 hours (shorter workshops possible but not recommended)

$75 per hour with a minimum of $150.00 (for up to approx. 30 participants )
workshop notes and post workshop support provided
quotes for sessions with larger numbers available on request
conference and seminar talks, speeches and key note addresses available

clear room space with minimal distractions, preferably carpeted,
chairs for participants (but not tables) in horseshoe configuration,
white board (useful but not essential)
community groups will also find a tape recorder to record some of participants stories for later possible publication, or other uses, useful

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