'Spinning a Web of Creativity'
These workshop sessions or projects build on the fact that we all tell stories in our day to day lives and shows participants ways build on those stories and to create new and engaging ones.

Sessions can be designed for specific community outcomes such as hard copy and web site publication, and visual and performance art projects. They are suitable for beginners and more experienced storytellers and writers.

Content includes:
understanding the nature of stories and the narrative structure
using participants own stories and experience
improvising and creating new stories
working with local characters and settings
dialogue, emotion, pace
creating and working with illustrations
publishing options

a series approximately five 2 - 3 hours workshops (duration will vary a little with experience of participants and project outcomes)

$75 plus GST per hour, plus accommodation and travel if appropriate (for up to approx. 30 participants )
workshop notes and post workshop support provided

clear room space with minimal distractions, preferably carpeted,
chairs and writing space for participants
white board (useful but not essential)
community groups will also find a tape recorder to record some of participants stories for later possible publication, or other uses, useful
depending on project outcomes access to a number of computers with word processing and possibly web design programs may be appropriate
participants will usually be asked to bring an important photograph, a special object, an illustration or photo of their favourite local plase and/or a postcard or magazine illustration that they find interesting or challenging

Examples of successful 'Spinning a Web of Creativity' Community Projects include
Writing in Highfields and Crows Nests - a community project in the International Year of the Older Person in Crows Nest Shire which worked with a cross generational group of local writers creating stories and poetry about the people and the places of the local area. The successful project resulted in the creation of a web site.

Uniting Church Reminiscence Silk Banners Project - an Access Arts collaborative project with 2 other artsworkers - Visual Artist, Donna Toussaint and Photographer, Melanie Gray. We worked with participants from 2 Uniting Church Aged Care Hostels and a Respite Centre to enable participants to source, share and work with stories from their lives. The stories led to the creation of a set of photographs which, with the stories, were incorporated into a series of silk banners by the participants and the arts workers.

Example of successful 'Spinning a Web of Creativity' School based or hybrid Projects include

Djarra/Urandangie PCAP Storywriting and Publishing Project - working out of the schools at Djarra and Urandangie in north west Queensland with author/illustrator Narelle Oliver and myself, students created stories centred around their contemporary lives in the region. One of these stories, 'Goanna Jumps High', was subseqently published by Magabala Books. (more)

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