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What is digital storytelling?

A Digital Story is a short movie, usually 2 - 5 minutes long, with the voice of the storyteller telling his or her own story.

The voice-over is supported by a combination of:

digital still photos,

scanned documents,


sound effects and, sometimes,

and, when used, video.

Making a digital story does not require expensive equipment or complicated software. With a little guidance they can be made on home, classroom or business computers with relatively simple software such as iMovie (Apple Mac OSX) or MovieMaker (Windows XP and above).

Creating a digital story, especially working with others in a community, school or corporate workshop, can be a wonderfully creative and transforming process.

Participants and students can:

acquire and develop new computer, communication and creativity skills

build confidence and self esteem

increase their understanding and connection with their own and others' stories

document and publish important community, family and personal messages

enjoy an introduction to the world of multimedia and digital communication

have the satisfaction of completing a movie that communicates with all the magic of traditional storytelling.

Once made, a digital story can be burnt onto a DVD and viewed on a DVD player and TV, projected with a data projector in a home theatre, meeting room or outdoor event, up-loaded to a website to be viewed online as streaming video, even broadcast on TV.

Digtal Stories can also be uploaded to online video publishing sites such as YouTube or Vimeo. Once published they can be embedded in a website or blog.

'All over the world digital storytelling is being used as community cultural development tool giving voice to individuals and groups who are not normally heard.'

Here's a link to a short digital story of mine about the process called
'Discovering Digital Stories'.

Or if you prefer a YouTube version I've embedded it at the bottom of this page.

Examples of my digital storytelling projects

'Loving Logan - adapting to a new city'

- a community multicultural project funded by Queensland State Library publishing on DVD 9 different individual and community digital stories

- 7 varied examples with different mixes of still photos, illustrations, video and animations can be viewed on the Queensland Stories web site at

Loving Logan Digital Stories

or in the SLQ onesearch search for QS10040

'My Portable Village' shows much creativity in overcoming a refugees lack of photographs during his flight from danger.

'Stories, Music & Chermside Virtuolygies'

- a community youth project funded by Qld. State Libray and working with young users of the Brisbane City Council, Chermside Branch Library

- in a collaboration with SpeakOut the project used Sony Vegas for movie editing and Acid Studio for music creation

- five of the digital stories can be viewed on the Qld Stories site

or in the SLQ onesearch by entering QS10035 

'River Stories - Bunya to the Bay'

- in this project I was employed be Queensland State Library service to work with secondary students from across SE Qld who took part in the Bunya to Bay Expedition.

- we created scripts online on a Learning Place blog and then created digital stories with MovieMaker 2 in a 2 day workshop at South Bank

- further explanation of the project and links to the individual movies can be fund at

Articles & Reports

'First Person Int. Digital Storytelling Conference, Feb. 2006' Report
(PDF file 1.3MB)

'First Person Int. Digital Storytelling Master Class, Feb. 2006' Report
(PDF file 107.9KB)

Projects, Workshops & Training

Community Digital Storytelling Projects & Workshops
School Digital Storytelling Workshops
Personal, Family and Life Digital Stories.

Discovering Digital Stories - movie

what is digital storytelling | examples | projects, workshops & training | notes & resources | links

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