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Queensland Stories -

- the State Library of Queensland’s project to collect and display digital stories which record and document the diversity of Queensland lives.

- examples of stories on the Queensland Stories web site include

a) Elisabet's Story b) Pukapuka Island c) Ilinden in Logan

d) Aurelia's Story e) Dares' World f) Gabe's Footy Story g) Hockey Park h) The Game

Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI)


- the Digital Storytelling Program at ACMI in Melbourne. ACMI works with communities and key organisations such as the Australian Heart Foundation and Alzheimer's Australia (Victoria) to develop specific digital storytelling projects.

Center for Digital Storytelling -

- the Center for Digital Storytelling based in Berkeley, California, is a non-profit training, project development, and research organization dedicated to assisting people in using digital media to tell meaningful stories from their lives. Their focus is on developing large-scale projects for community, educational, and business institutions

Capture Wales -

- an ongoing program in Wales running community digital storytelling workshops and projects and publishing movie on this BBC website. It was instigated by Daniel Meadows in April 2001.

School Shoebox Stories

- short digital stories about objects made by students and teachers

- I like 'My Magical Fairy' and 'My Lucky Stone'

Silence Speaks -

- a project of the Center for Digital Storytelling. Workshops provide survivors, witnesses with support, skills and equipment to create digital stories of courage and healing.

Tim Sheppard's Digitalstorytelling Links

- an eclectic mix of articles, sites, and lists about digital storytelling

Tech Head Stories - Digital Storytelling Links

- a huge list of links for sites, programs, articles, resources etc

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling (resource page)

- an interesting site with a wide range of articles, resources, links


'Digital Storytelling: Capturing Lives, Creating Community'

Joe Lambert, Digital Diner Press, Berkeley, California, USA © 2002

Joe Lambert is the co-director of the Center for Digital Storytelling. Along with Nina Mullen and Dana Atchley he initiated digital storytelling and has helped to promote it around the world. This book provides background, techniques, ideas and examples from around the world.


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