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Notes & Resources

A Digital Story is a short movie, usually 3 - 5 minutes long, with the voice of the storyteller telling his or her own story.

The voice-over is supported by a combination of:

digital still photos,

scanned documents,


sound effects and, sometimes,

short video clips.

By keeping digital stories short and with an emphasis on voice over and digital still images, students and home movie makers can make interesting and entertaining digital stories with readily available and cheap software and hardware.

My Notes

Slides (jpeg images for projection or online sessions)

Why digital storytelling now ? - what's changed?

Current situation - technology and culturally?

Short history of digital storytelling

Digital Storytelling Creation Process

Sample local projects - (a) (b)

Useful hardware

Useful software


Digital Story notes - summary

The Script

The Story

The Digital Story Creation Process

Articles & Reports

'First Person Int. Digital Storytelling Conference, Feb. 2006' Report
(PDF file 1.3MB)

'First Person Int. Digital Storytelling Master Class, Feb. 2006' Report
(PDF file 107.9KB)

Web Resources

Daniel Meadows from photobus has some good tutorials on his site including downloadable pdfs for using iMovie 6 for Macs and Adobe Premiere Pro v1.0 for Windows at

Robyn Jay from Digi Tales has put together a collection of notes for using MovieMaker2 in Digital Storytelling. You can find the pdfs available for downloading on the '' site at

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