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Examples of workshops and training
Here are some examples of different services, workshops and trainings. They can be tailored to fit specific personal, community, educational or service needs. Contact me for more information, quotes and session needs.

My services are also available as a Digital Story Consultant or Guest Lecturer for your projects, training, workshops or classes.

'Thanks so much for your contribution to last night’s class.
Again, it was very engaging and stimulated lots of discussion.
Your feedback on individual scripts was also really helpful.'

Dr Christina Spurgeon
Senior Lecturer, Journalism, Media & Communication
Creative Industries Faculty
Queensland University of Technology
Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove, 4059, Australia

(Phone and email contacts at bottom of this page.)

'Digital Story Mapping'

2 hour Storytelling Performance, Story Mapping & Podcasting
for Primary & Secondary Students &/or Adults

- traditional storytelling session of 2 stories appropriate for the age group plus
- a third story created and published in the session by:
asking audience to describe their favourite places in the local area
creating a new story involving suggested settings & local characters
creating a podcast of story by involving audience in voices, sound effects
editing (audience watch or do drawings about the story)
tagging story settings on a Google map
embed podcast, map and script in a blog

(Needs - data projector, screen or projection surface, access to broadband internet, paper and felt pens for drawings, access to scanner)

This workshop also demonstrates some of the potential of web 2 applications for personal, educational and community creativity and publishing and demonstrates easy, low cost techniques for accessing these facilities.

The podcasting illustrates one method of maintaining traditional storytelling methods in the digital age. The instant publishing of the story is empowering and motivating.

'Making a Magic Mini Movie'

4 hr (2 hr morning + 2 hr after lunch) activity for primary aged children

children will help improvise a group adventure fairy tale or fractured fairy tale,
help create and record a voiceover with characters and sound effects, and
help create a short 'magic mini movie' using creative commons digital still images and entry level video editing software
movie will be uploaded to the web as a streaming movie to download from home or can be burnt to DVD for participants to pick up from library following week

This session demonstrates simple ways of using the Digital Story format to create and publish a short fictional story as a movie. A mixture of fun and education this workshop helps build confidence, self esteem and creativity.

Recording, editing and publishing phases will be projected on screen to enable all participants to either directly participate or help by following and making suggestions.

'Magic Mini Movie Booth'

a library, festival, fete, birthday or community event

participants (1 or 2 children at a time with or without parent/s) work with storyteller to create a short story script (advertised theme/s)
participant is helped to record voiceover and helps edit it with storyteller
participant chooses images from image bank and helps storyteller edit durations, transitions, effects, title and credits
finished movie is either:

burnt to a DVD and given to author/s 30 minutes after completion or
uploaded to an event website or video networking site for internet viewing

audience can watch each ongoing Magic Mini Movie creation process projected onto venue screen

Children love to hear their own voice as part of a short fantasy movie. The Magic Mini Movie process builds individual and collective literacy, confidence and creativity.

'Introduction to Digital Storytelling'

a 2 hour introduction to creating and publishing Digital Stories for teachers, librarians, community workers and associated tertiary students

projected examples of different types of Digital Stories and Digital Storytelling projects from Australia and beyond
explanation of the process of creating a digital story
useful software and hardware
publishing digital stories
using Digital Stories in Oral History, Community Development, personal archiving, reminiscence storytelling
web resources, links, notes
Q & A session

Digital Storytelling is being used around the world as powerful educational and community development tool in an increasingly digital world. This session demonstrates how it can be used in a range of different individual and community processes.

'How to Make Your Own Digital Story Movie'

a 3 hour demonstration session for secondary students and adults

projecting a sample of digital stories to demonstrate variety of style and purpose
describe process - idea, script, voiceover, editing, publishing
demonstrate process by involving participants in helping to create a short example of a digital story
participants will help with choosing an appropriate story, recording & editing a voiceover, importing images, editing images to fit voiceover, adding title and credits
demonstration will primarily use entry level software, MovieMaker & iMovie and provide advice for using other software
Q&A session
web resources, links, notes

Participants will be asked to bring an appropriate photo on a memory stick or CD that could form the basis of a demonstration digital story.

One of the great things about Digital Stories is that they can be easily produced on a typical home, school or library computer. This workshop will give participants the confidence to start creating their own movies.

'Create Your Own Digital Story Movie'

a 3 days and one night participatory group workshop

introduction to the concept and process of digital story creation
story circle process to help decide on subject and content of your own digital story
writing a script and creating a story board
working with digital still images
creating and editing a voiceover
editing video track content to support voiceover
transitions, effects, titles and credits
sound effects and music
publishing movie to DVD and uploading streaming version website
sharing digital story with fellow participants
web resources, links, notes
each participant will receive a copy of their digital story on DVD

This workshop is a hands-on training where every participant will learn how to use the different software applications and equipment and complete a Digital Story. This creative communication process can be personally transforming.

'Your Story Now'

family reminiscence, family heritage and oral history digital story service

a professional Digital Story creation service to turn your memories and photos into vibrant, personal short movies to share with family and community
our 'Your Story Now' service will help you choose appropriate stories and do all the work to record your voice telling those stories and creating and editing the resulting Digital Stories
feedback session to enable adjustments before completion
final digital stories are published to DVD and professionally labelled and packaged for distribution or sale
Digital Stories can also be published as streaming web movies to be embedded in a web site &/or submitted to Film and Sound Archives if appropriate

If you want to make sure that your individual or community memories are preserved for posterity but don't want to write a book, the Your Story Now team can do it for you and make sure your stories are told.

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