Performances - Primary Schools
My storytelling shows are:
approx 45 minutes long
3 or 4 stories carefully selected and crafted for the age group
told with energy, movement and audience participation
with the addition of some sound effects, music and props where appropriate

'Bringing Stories Alive'
combines stories from my diverse repertoire suitable to the age group including:

traditional folk and fairy tales from around the world

eg - 'Osebo the Leopard' (Ashanti), 'The Golden Carambola' (Vietnam), 'Kassa the Brave' (The Sudan), 'Oh Luck of the Ugly' (North Africa), 'Thomas Rhuag the Seal Catcher' (Scotland), 'Gombe the Duck Hunter' (Japan) 'King for a Day',
family and personal stories
eg - 'Possum Hunting', 'Platypus', 'Tone Flys'
tall stories, yarns and anecdotes from city and country
eg - 'Goanna Jumps High', 'The Hottest Day on Record', 'The Galah Tree', 'The Gindie Silos', 'The Ghost of Vulture Street', 'The Bunyip of Forest Lake', 'The Scrub Turkey's Revenge, 'Aidan and the Murray Cod', 'The Monster Koala' 'The Big Red Roo'.
improvised performer/audience creations
- brand new stories created on the spot with the audience illustrating and working with narrative structure
- I use a number of techniques and formats including 'Guest Author Challenge Show', 'The Mystery of ...'

(I am happy to select stories on the day with the teacher in charge depending on the audience - age, energy, situation etc - but I'm also happy to agree on stories ahead of time to fit in with your class, year level or school needs or special themes.)

Special shows:
Outback Stories
Sit down beside the 'camp fire' and have an entertaining yarn with a storyteller. Select from a range of tall stories, yarns and anecdotes to suit the age mix of the audience. Stories provide students with an insight into a range of outback experiences from stage coaches to school sports in the country.
2012 Charges:
For indoor performances
Medium groups - approx 35
- $5.00 per student with a minimum of $175.00 per show
plus $25 travel per booking outside of local Brisbane

Large groups - 100 and above
- $4.00 per student with a minimum of $400 per show
plus $25 travel per booking outside of local Brisbane

For outdoor performances (including covered areas)
$6.00 per student with a minimum of $600.00 per show.
(Sound system will most likely be necessary. Generally I much prefer inside venues such as libraries, classrooms, small halls as they enable a much more storytelling friendly atmosphere and keep distractions to a minimum and therefore much better shows for audiences.)

Regional performances
The above prices apply to the South East Queensland area only. This includes:- Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast (~ to Noosa), Brisbane Valley and Toowoomba area. I welcome enquiries from other areas and am more than happy to provide a quote. This might include a larger component for travelling plus accommodation, air fairs and/or a request for assistance in obtaining a number of bookings in your area.

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