'Heh! That tastes like pizza!'

Once upon a time there was a farmer who grew wonderful tomatoes.

Everyday he would go out to his farm and walk along the rows of tomatoes.

"Oh what wonderful tomatoes these are. They are ripe and juicy and just right for sending off to market. Time to get out the tractor and start picking."

He stepped out of the rows of rich red tomatoes and started walking down the path towards the tractor shed but he heard a sound behind him and turned around.

There was his smelly old billygoat stamping its hooves at him. "Baaaaaaaah!"

"Get away with you, you silly old goat. Don't you stamp your hooves at me!" said the farmer.

But that silly old billygoat lowered its head and its horns and charged down the path at the farmer.

"Ha! I can run faster than a billygoat," said the farmer but do you know what?

That old billygoat must have been really mad. It caught up with the farmer and butted him with his horns. That farmer went flying through the air and landed with a splat right on top of his beautiful tomato plants and was knocked unconscious.

The farmer's wife saw him flying through the air and rang an ambulance. When the ambulance came driving up the farm road the farmer's wife was standing over him saying, "Oh no. Look at all of that blood. He's been badly hurt!"

The ambulance officers loaded him into the ambulance and drove away towards the hospital with the siren going. When they got to casualty they opened the doors, slid out the stretcher and started to wheel him into emergency. Doctors were being called. The operating theatre was being set up. Everybody was looking worried.

A nurse walking by said, "Mmmm. What's that interesting smell? It smells like pizza sauce." The only thing she could see that looked like pizza sauce was the front of the farmer. She said, "Heh! That's not blood. He's covered in squashed tomatoes!"

Just then the farmer woke up and said, "Oh no! My poor tomatoes! Wait till I catch that billygoat."

The hospital gave him some clean clothes and he caught a taxi home. From then on he grew zuchinnis and he never turned his back on that billygoat ever again.

A 'Sweet Stories in the Pop' Story created by Daryll Bellingham, storyteller and Michella, a patient in the children's ward at the South Brisbane Mater Hospital during a storytelling session in the Radio Lollipop studio with the Thrilling Thursday Team. 8/11/2001 © Daryll Bellingham.

('Sweet Stories in the Pop' is a Queensland Storytelling Guild project
funded by a Year of the Volunteers grant.)

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