'The Fairy on the Window Sill'

Once upon a time there was a fairy. Now most fairies that you and I have heard about live in forests or at the bottom of people's gardens but this fairy lived on a windowsill. In fact, if you look just outside that window over there you can see the window that she used to live on. But I have to tell you that this windowsill wasn't very comfortable. It was cold and windy and just above a lot of traffic and noise. So one day the fairy decided to go looking for a new place to live. 'Anyway,' she thought, 'There's not much happening here at the moment, it'll be an adventure!'

So off she went. She flew around and around the hospital looking at all the windowsills. Did they look comfortable? Were they a nice colour? She was so busy looking at them that she didn't even notice the people inside, and for the most part, the people inside didn't notice her. You have to be quick to see the fairies. But one little girl saw a flash of something outside on her windowsill. Without thinking she picked up the bell on her bedside table and started to ring it as hard as she could.

'Cling, a ling. Cling a ling.'

The fairy few closer to the window and started tapping on the glass. But as you can see the windows in this hospital don't open. Luckily, that's no problem for a fairy and very soon she was standing on the inside of the glass.

"Wow! You really came," said the little girl. "Are you a fairy?"
"Yes. And I'm on an adventure, would you like to come?"
"I can't, I have to stay in bed."
"Not when I'm around you don't."

In a flash she picked the little girl up off her bed and the both flew out the window.

"Where would you like to go?" asked the fairy.
"I'd love to meet some other fairies if I could."

So off they went. They few through the hospital grounds and out into the city, through the city into a forest and through the forest into a beautiful clearing. In the clearing were hundreds and hundreds of fairies having a party.

All night they ate wonderful party food and played games and laughed and sang. It was the most fun the little girl had ever had. When it was time to leave the fairy simply carried her all the way through the forest and the city and the hospital right into bed. But the little girl wasn't sorry, because she knew that she could ring her bell any time she liked and start the adventures again.

A 'Sweet Stories in the Pop' Story created by Alex McCallum, storyteller and patients in the children's ward at the South Brisbane Mater Hospital during a storytelling session in the Radio Lollipop studio with the Thrilling Thursday Team. 15/11/2001 Alex McCallum.

('Sweet Stories in the Pop' is a Queensland Storytelling Guild project
funded by a Year of the Volunteers grant.)

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