'Jimmy makes a wish'

Once day Jimmy was playing with his ball out in the back yard. He was throwing it higher and higher and higher up into the air when, you guessed it, it landed on the roof of his house.

"Oh no!" said Jimmy, "How am I going to get that back Teddy?"

His Teddy Bear didn't say anything however, so Jimmy walked into the garage to see what he could find. Hanging on a nail was his roll of orange rope so he got it down, and, as he walked back outside, unrolled it.

"Teddy, how would you like to help me?"

Teddy said, "Oh, orrrr right. I'll help."

So Jimmy tied the rope around Teddy's tummy, swung him around and threw him up high in the air. Teddy landed with a bump on the roof, picked himself up and said, "Orrrrr, rrrrright. Wherrrrrre is that ball?"

He bent over picked something up and threw it down to Jimmy but when Jimmy caught it, it wasn't a ball it was a cow's horn. "Oh yuck!" said Jimmy, "How did a cow get on the roof?"

Teddy bent over again and picked up something and threw it down to Jimmy. Jimmy caught it but it wasn't his ball it was a sea shell. "Wow! a sea shell. That must have been a big wave."

Teddy bent over again and picked up something and threw it down to Jimmy. Jimmy caught it again and, you guessed it, it wasn't his ball. It was a small brass pot with curly writing on the side.

"Oh Teddy, this is no good. It's just some dirty little pot."

"Rrrrrrrub it on your shirt," growled Teddy.

Jimmy did just that and, as he did, out of the top of the pot with a great wooshing sound flew a gigantic genie. "Jimmy. You may make three wishes."

"Oh, I just want my ball back off that roof. Teddy can't find it."

"You're wish is my command master," said the genie as he pointed towards the roof.

Jimmy's red ball came flying over the side of the roof, bounced twice on the grass and rolled to a stop at Jimmy's feet.

"Cool," said Jimmy.

"You have two wishes left master."

"Anything I like?"

"Yes master."

"I'd like a bicycle please."

"What colour, master?"

"Pink please," said Jimmy.

Almost before he got the words out,, a pink bicycle with stunt pegs appeared at his feet. Jimmy jumped on and rode around the yard doing some jumps and a 180 twist.

"One more wish, master."

"I'd like a gold scooter please."

The gold scooter was leaning against the garage and the genie was wooshing back into his pot when Jimmy heard, "Rarrrrrr, what about me?"

"You can ride on the gold scooter Teddy," said Jimmy as he pulled on the rope and caught Teddy as he flew down from the roof.

Jimmy rolled up the orange rope and put it, the brass pot, the sea shell and the cow's horn on the shelf in the garage and he and Teddy had a ride around the house.

A 'Sweet Stories in the Pop' Story created by Daryll Bellingham, storyteller and Jimmy, a patient in the children's ward at the South Brisbane Mater Hospital during a storytelling session in the Radio Lollipop studio with the Thrilling Thursday Team. 29/11/2001 Daryll Bellingham.

('Sweet Stories in the Pop' is a Queensland Storytelling Guild project
funded by a Year of the Volunteers grant.)

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