Literay Day of Excellence at Regents Park 

Students from Regents Park, Park Ridge, Yugumbir, Greenbank and Boronia Heights State Primary Schools were selected to work with Daryll Bellingham, storyteller, and Narelle Oliver, author/illustrator, for a day of creative writing, illustrating and publishing on Monday the 7th of June, 1999.  

One group started working with Daryll to create stories set in their local Logan City environment and then gone on to illustrate them with Narelle. The other group started working with Narelle to create an illustration of a local animal and then later used the illustration as the focus and inspiration to create a story with Daryll.

A computer coloured foamboard monoprint of a bush fire by Adam from Regents Park State School.
A computer coloured foamboard monoprint by Adam from Regents Park State School.

The illustrations published here were created with a foamboard monoprint technique which enabled fairly quick production and wonderful effects when printed on different coloured papers.  

With the help of teachers, aides and parents the stories have been put together and published here especially for the World Wide Web. We call our collection of stories and illustrations 'For Green Eyes Only' 

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