The following web publications are the result of school storytelling / storycreation sessions called 'Spinning a Web of Creativity'. They are designed to inspire and encourage students to explore the narrative structure and to create and write their own stories.

Some of the stories are entirely the student's own work. Some are collaborative efforts between the students, myself and classroom teachers. Some of the projects are the results of collaborations with other artists such as author/illustrator Narelle Oliver.

St Peter's Lutheran Junior School stories, created by students following Childrens Book Week project, August 2001

Springsure Stories, July 2001 group improvisations from the Central Qld. Bauhinia Shire Creative Writing Project

'Green, Grey or Ghastly' stories & illustrations from Regents Park State School, Environment Day 2000

'For Green Eyes Only' stories and illustrations from the Regents Park, Literary Day of Excellence, Environment Day 1999

'Sharp Point Publishing Project' student stories and illustrations forming the basis of Thornlands State Primary's school web site.

Electronic Storytelling Publishing Project from the Fortitude Valley State Primary School.

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