Saving the Zebra

Once upon a time in Africa a young boy was going for a walk in the bush. He went much further then he usually did - through the bush and down over the dry river bed.

He came across three hyenas trying to eat a baby zebra. The boy ran up saying "Shoo! Shoo!" The hyenas ran into the bush a bit and the boy picked up the baby zebra and ran.

Dylan, Zebra, 19/5/97, Textas.
The hyenas started chasing him so he picked up a rock and threw it. It hit one of the hyenas on the head and it fell to the ground.

The other two hyenas snuck up and sniffed it. They thought it was dead and they started to eat it but it woke up and growled at them.

The boy picked up the baby zebra and started to run away. He said, "Don't worry little zebra I won't let those hyenas eat you."

He ran across the dry river bed and into the bush. The hyenas followed close behind so he picked up his spear and threw it at them. The spear went flying through the air and sent the hyenas yapping away into the bush.

The boy ran and ran as fast as he could but the hyenas were getting closer and closer.

Dylan, Hyena, 19/5/97, Textas

He ran around behind a rock and almost right into into some lions lying in the long yellow grass. He hid in some thorn bushes and sat very still.

The hyenas ran around the rock and right into the lions.

The lions roared at the hyenas and chased them away.

Dylan, Lion, 19/5/97, Textas

The boy very quietly snuck out from the thorn bushes and walked quietly and quickly towards his home.

When he got home he said to his mother, "Look what I've got!"

She got some warm milk and told him to dip his finger in it and to let the zebra suck his finger.

He kept on dipping his finger into the milk for the zebra until it was all gone.

The boy said, "Mum can we keep it? Can we?"

His mum said, "All right. But you'll have to look after it."

They kept it until it grew up and then they took it to the bush and let it go.

© 1997 Daryll Bellingham
(Story created in an oral improvisation session with 3 -5 yr old children at Buderim Kindergarten. Drawings created by Dylan in colour texta, scanned and colour backgrounds and fill added. 19/5/97)

These stories are available for downloading for the purpose of reading and telling to others. If you do so, please tell people where you got the story. If you would like to publish them or tell them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission. In some cases they are entirely my artistic creation, in some cases I have collaborated with others and in other cases adapted a traditional story.

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