The Space Watch

Chapter 1 - Taking Off

Once upon a time there was a boy who had a very special watch. It had pictures of planets and satellites and the moon on it's face. The numbers were green and flashed on and off and the hands were shaped like space rockets. It also had a ring around the outside that glowed orange in the dark.

Now this boy was really proud of his watch because he had won it in a video games competition at the games parlour in his local shopping centre. He would show it to his friends and say, "Look at my space watch." He'd show them the pictures and the flashing green numbers and the ring that glowed orange in the dark. They'd say "Cool. What's the orange ring for Steven?" He would say, "I don't know but you can spin it round and round like this." And he would turn it round and round.

One night Steven was looking out of his window at the moon. He idly turned the orange ring on his watch round and round and he said to himself, "Oh I wish I could go to the moon some time."

A light he had never seen on his watch before started to flash on and off and a voice like a robot said, "To go to moon, turn orange ring ten times to left and ten times to right. Point space watch at moon and prepare for blast off. Beep. Beep. Beep."

"Wow! Blast off to the moon. That would be cool!" and without thinking any more he reached down and started to turn the orange dial ten times to the left and ten times to the right. As he finished the watch started to flash again and the robot voice started to count down. "Ten. Nine. Eight. Seven." The boy quickly pointed the watch at the moon. "Six. Five. Four." the robot voice continued.

At "Three." A panel on the side of the watch slid open and a shiny, silver space suit slid out and started to cover his hand, arm, face, body, arms and legs. "Two. One. Zero. Blast Off."

He felt something pull on his arm and he flew through the window, out of his room and towards the moon. Faster and faster he went. Past the roof of the house, past the top of his favourite climbing tree, higher and higher heading for outer space.


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