Tweety and the Old Lady

Once upon a time there was an old lady and she really wanted a pet bird - really, really, really. She went to the pet shop and right next to the shop there was a tree.

She went into the pet shop and got a cage. She hopped in the car and then she looked at the tree and there was a bird in the tree. That bird was Tweety. The old lady opened the cage and then climbed up the tree.

It was very hard because the tree was really high. The lady was exhausted but she picked up Tweety and put her in the cage. The old lady drove home.

But Tweety was so strong she shook the cage till it broke. Sylvester the cat came to help the old lady. Tweety was wrestling. Sylvester was trying to help but he was so scared he ran away. The old lady was so scared she ran away too !

Then Tweety lived happily ever after in a big palace. Tweety was both the king and the queen because there wasn't any king and she lived happily ever after.

The End

Rebecca Tunny,
1999 ©

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