Blue and the Bone Tree

Once upon a time there was a grey dog called Blue. One day he found a wonderful bone so he walked out to the backyard to bury it in the garden.

He dug a deep hole, dropped the bone in it and covered it over. He said, "Great. Now I can grow a bone tree."

He waited and waited but the bone tree didn't grow.

As Blue sat waiting for the bone tree to grow, a Teddy Bear called Freddie snuck up behind Blue and bounced up and down on his tummy - Boing! Boing! Boing!

Blue let out a tremendous "Woof!" and bit Freddie the Teddy on his arm really hard. Ed the Ted said,"Yeowwwwwww!"

Just then a monster ball with a really scary face, came bouncing down the street - Boing! Boing! Boing! It bounced over the fence and landed on poor Blue's head. Boing!

Blue tried to bite the monster ball but the monster ball was too quick. It started to dig a hole in the ground under Blue's feet. Faster! Faster! Faster! It dug that hole so quickly that Blue the grey dog fell right down to the bottom of the hole.

He said, "Ruff! Ruff! Ruff! Let me out!"

The monster ball said, "No! You have been a very naughty dog. You shoudn't bite."

Blue said, "But Freddie the Teddy jumped up and down on my tummy!"

The monster ball said, "That's no excuse!" and he bounced away over the fence and down the street.

In the meantime, Freddie the Teddy pulled out a piece of orange rope from his back pocket. He held one end of the rope in one paw and threw the other end down the hole to Blue. The rope accidentally landed on Blue's head. Bong!

"Ow!" said Blue. "Who did that?"

"You silly dog," said Freddie the Teddy. "I'm only trying to rescue you. Grab the end."

Blue grabbed the end of the rope with his teeth and Freddie the Teddy pulled him up, up, up out of the hole. Blue said, "Sorry," to Freddie the Teddy. Freddie the Teddy said "Sorry," to Blue the grey dog and do you know what?

They played happily ever after.

This story was created during a performance with preschool age children from Pacific Paradise State Preschool Centre and Mudjimba Community Preschool and Kindergarten on 24/10/1997. The story ideas were initially created by four volunteers each selecting an object each from the magic storytelling bag. They selected:- a bone, a teddy bear, a monster ball and a piece or orange rope. It's not one I tell but it was fun to create with the preschoolers. You just don't know what is going to come out of an improvisation.

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