Another Boring Excursion
Grade Three were walking along the footpath on their way to the bush near their school. They were going to study the local native animals. As they walked along Scott looked up and shouted, "Look! Look! It''s a time machine."
"That's not a time machine, that's a Brahminy Kite. You've been watching too much television," said Mrs Smallhorn.
"That's not a kite. It's a bird!" said Scott.
"A kite is a type of bird. Let's watch it and see where it goes."
As they looked up the kite started to swoop down towards them. All the children screamed. Just as the kite reached the children it flew to the side of them and grabbed a huge carpet snake in it's claws.
It started to fly off but the snake was wriggling so much that it slipped out of it's claws and fell on top of Mrs Smallhorn's head. She screamed!
Felt pen drawing of Rebekah about to hit snake on Mrs Smallhorn's head.
Rebecah picked up a large stick and said, "I'll get it for you."
As she came towards her, Mrs Smallhorn screamed, "No, you'll hit me."
Just then the Brahminy Kite came diving down again and picked up the carpet snake but the snake was wrapped so tightly around Mrs Smallhorn that she went up in the air to.
Grade Three set off at the run after Mrs Smallhorn. The ran all the way back to the school. Soon the brahminy kite started to tire and Mrs Smallhorn and the snake began to fall. Down, down, down they fell.
They landed on a huge compost heap and disappeared below the surface. The children started digging. They dug up a dinosaur bone, an old thong and a watch Mr Barker had lost last year. Finally they uncovered Mrs Smallhorn but the snake was no where to be found.
Mrs Smallhorn was covered in rotten banana peels and had an apple core sticking out of her ear. She looked very confused. The children started to walk her back to the office.
"Heh. Where's Damien?" yelled Nathan.
Felt pen drawing of legs sticking out of compost bin.
They all turned back. There sticking out of the compost heap was Damien's legs. They were kicking madly. Mrs Smallhorn was starting to recover. She grabbed hold of Damien's legs and pulled.
Nothing happened.
Josie grabbed hold of Mrs Smallhorn and pulled. Still nothing happened.
Rebekah grabbed hold of Josie and they all pulled but still nothing happened. Nathan grabbed hold of Rebekah, Mathew grabbed hold of Nathan, Georgia grabbed hold of Mathew, Clara grabbed hold of Georgia, Malachi grabbed hold of Clara, Rachel grabbed hold of Malachi, Aaron grabbed hold of Rachel, Jessie grabbed hold of Aaron, Glen grabbed hold of Josiah, Michael grabbed hold of Glen, Sarah grabbed hold of Michael, Scott grabbed hold of Sarah, Nathan grabbed hold of Scott, Nicholas grabbed hold of Stuart and they pulled and pulled and pulled.
Damien came flying out of the compost heap, flew over the top of their heads and landed on top of Stuart.

They all started laughing so hard they collapsed in a heap. Just then Mr Barker came past blowing his whistle. He was about to get really angry when he saw his watch sitting on the ground. He was so pleased he gave everyone the rest of the day off. It was an excursion everyone would remember!

(This story was created by myself and Year 3 children at Westside Christian College (Goodna) during and after an interactive improvisation at the end of a performance. Thanks to the students for their wonderful colourful graphics and teacher/librarian Ronald Hart for organising it.)

All contents copyright (C) 1998, Daryll Bellingham. All rights reserved.
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If you would like to publish them (ie make them available to the public in any form including electronic) or tell/read/perform them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission.

In some cases they are entirely my artistic creation, in some cases I have collaborated with others and in other cases adapted a traditional story. Please contact me for permission or more information.

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