The Blood Filled Cave

One day a little girl with blonde curly hair went for a walk on her own. She was wearing golden shoes with quite high heels. Her mother said, "Don't go too far in your new shoes."

She came to a gate in a stone wall, opened it and walked through into a forest of tall, curvey trees. In the distance she could see two caves in the side of a hill so she walked closer for a look.

Just as she got to the openings a strong wind picked her up and hurtled her down a long dark tunnel. It was like being in a super water slide. She bounced against the sides and spun round and round as she fell and landed with a plomp in a strange cave.

It was moist and damp and it seemed to move. The sides of the cave started to squash in around her. It was like being squeezed tighter and tighter by a huge carpet snake. Her eyes turned purple as she gasped for breath, and the more she struggled the purpler her eyes became, just like Grace's sister when she couldn't breathe.

Drawing of a girl in strange cave.

The little girl cried out, "Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!" and, as she fought for breath, she took off one of her golden high heel shoes and started to hit it against the side of the cave.

The heel of her golden shoe went right through the spongy wall of the cave. She heard a sound like a long, distant "Ooooooouuuuccccchhhhh!" and air and hot, sticky liquid came gushing out of the hole in the wall.

The cave wall moved away from her and she was able to stand up but everything started to move and she went sliding down to the bottom of the cave. She could hear the sound of a large drum beating boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom. Faster and faster it beat. She cried, "Ahh no. Something is coming to get me. Ahh!"

She stood with her shoe held up ready to defend her self but the drumming slowed down boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom. The cave she was in seemed to turn up and she fell on her back as the cave moved. "It must be a volcano. It's an earthquake happening!" She held on to the side of the wall until the shaking stopped and then sat up and gained her balance again.

She started to crawl around the cave. She came around the end of this huge spongy wall and crawled up between two parts of it and there, filling the space between the spongy walls, was the drum. Boom-boom, boom-boom, boom-boom.

She went up to it and gave it a wack with her hand. It started beating so fast she was catapulted across the cave and into the spongy wall. It was bouncy like a trampoline and she bounced off it and banged into the drum again. Boing, boing, boing. Back and forth she went between the drum and the wall. All the time the drum was beating faster and faster and she was bouncing back and forth, faster and faster.

Drawing of a girl and heart.

"Help!" she cried and back came a giant echo, many times louder, "Help!" It was like a giant was yelling back at her.

The cave she was in was lifted up and plonked back down again. She bounced up and down like the whole mountain was being carried off at a tremendous speed. She could hear muffled sounds like 'Oohh-ohh, Oohh-ohh, Oohh-ohh'. "There must be a storm outside. The winds are so strong I don't think I want to get out of here anyway," she thought.

Then after more bumping and moving everything went quiet, everything seemed to slow down.

The girl thought that maybe she could get some rest, but, just then red sticky fluid came flooding into the cave she was in. She screamed, "Oh no. I'm going to drown. I'm going to drown."

Light came pouring into the cave and she found herself being picked up by the back of her shirt and held up in the light.

She looked up and what do you think she saw? There in front of her was a giant in white clothes with a mask and beside that giant was another one. One had a large sword in his hand with blood dripping off the end.

She screamed, "Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!"

Drawing of a girl held up by giant hand and forceps.

The nurse's giant hand moved through the air like the arm of a crane and dropped her into a big stainless steel dish. Boom. There was a gush of water psssssshhhh! and all of the red blood was cleaned off her. They held her up in a dish under a light and she heard, "No wonder this poor old fellow was having a heart attack. He had one of those pesky micro humans crawling around in his chest cavity."

"Oh well," said the other giant, "That will teach him to go to sleep in the garden of the magic door."

"We'd better put her back."

The girl was put down next to a door. The giants said "Goodbye. If you come back don't walk too close to any sleeping giant or you might get sucked down the poor things nose again." Drawing of a girl in strange cave.

She walked through the door and, there she was, back in her own street. She was damp and tired and went straight home and into her bedroom where she collapsed and fell asleep.

I wonder what she dreamed of?  

  This story was created by myself and a group of young students from Coorparoo State Primary School After School Care, Brisbane, Australia. 

Copyright story - Daryll Bellingham. Copyright illustrations rests with the individual students. 

These stories are available for downloading for the purpose of reading and telling to friends and family. If you do so, please acknowledge the creators and this Web site. If you would like to publish them (ie make them available to the public in any form including electronic) or tell/read/perform them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission. In some cases they are entirely my artistic creation, in some cases I have collaborated with others and in other cases adapted a traditional story.

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