Koala Climbs High

One day the Tunny family was driving home from their holidays in their white Ford Olympic Classic.

“Hey. Look! There’s a Koala,” said Shirley, Rebecca and Peter’s mother.

Their father, Chris, stopped the car on the side of the road and the Koala sat back on it’s bottom on the grass.

It looked from side to side as if it was shy.

Rebecca said, “I wonder if it’s trying to hitchhike?”

Dad said, “Well too bad. We haven’t got enough room for another passenger.”

Just then the Koala walked over to a tree and started to climb it.

Rebecca said, “Heh, look the Koala is doing a little dance in the tree. Cool.”

Peter said, “I think it’s saying something.”

He wound down the window and they both heard it say, “Arrrrhhh. Would you like to join me for afternoon tea?”

“Heh. I didn’t know Koalas could talk. What are you having for afternoon tea?” Peter said.

“I’m having chips made from potatoes from my vegie garden with a nice gum leaf sauce.”

“Let’s go. That sounds nice.”

Rebecca and her younger brother Peter hopped out of the car and ran over to the tree. Rebecca was looking for a good place to climb it when she saw a house up in the tree. It had little towers and turrets and a big wooden door. “That looks like Buckingham Palace where the Queen of England lives,” she said.

“That’s because I’m the King of the Koalas,” said the big old Koala. “If you want to come up you can bounce on my trampoline.”

He let down a green trampoline with the bouncy mat made out of Gum Leaves. “Hey Dad can I bounce on the trampoline?”

“I’ll just try it first,” he said. He jumped on the trampoline and went boing right up into the leaves. He grabbed hold of a vine and swung onto the entrance to the castle. He looked like George of the Jungle.

We all said, “LOOK OUT FOR THAT TREE DAD!” but it was too late. He crashed into the trunk of the tree and broke down the door of the castle. Green leaves and gum nuts cascaded out of the broken door like a green shower.

We all jumped on the trampoline and started bouncing higher and higher. Shirley jumped right up and Chris grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the branch. Peter jumped even higher and did a heel clicker just like Mike Metzger the moto-cross rider. “Weee! Way to Go!” On the next bounce he grabbed hold of the vine and swung over to the castle.

Rebecca said, “I bet I can do a flip-flop. These gum leaves are really bouncy.” She did three flip-flops in a row and then bounced up into the tree. As she landed near the castle she must have stepped on a secret lever because a weird joker popped out a hole in a branch and said, “Oooogah, booogah, ooogah, jooogah, oooogah googahloogah!”

“Jimminy Crickets! Who are you?” cried Rebecca almost falling out of the tree.

“I am the Koala Kings Security Guard. What are you doing here?

“Well. The Koala invited us to afternoon tea. Ha.”

The Koala yelled out, “Royal Security Guard. Leave those people alone. They are my guests.”

“Now,” he said to the Tunnys, “Please enter the castle and walk up the stairs until you get to my sun deck. I’d like to meet you.”

All four of them walked carefully through the broken door and started to climb up the stairs. They looked out the windows at birds and butterflies as they climbed. “Oh, look at that Blue Wren. They are so cute.” said Rebecca.

“Here’s the sun deck I think,” said Shirley.

Out on the sun deck was King Koala lying back on a gum leaf lounge chair. “Pleased to meet you,” he said, “My name is King Kamen Koala. Who do I have the pleasure of meeting”

Rebecca stepped forward and said, “Your majesty, I am Rebecca. This is my brother Peter, my mother Shirley and my father Chris.”

King Kamen Koala said, “I saw you all bouncing on my trampoline and doing your tricks. Could you please show me how?”

“We would love to,” said Rebecca.

The Security Joker came out with a wooden tray with Gum Leaf Juice smoothies and gum nut biscuits on it. He placed it on the table and we all tried one. Peter stuck out his tongue and said “Hey. Is my tongue green?”

“Oh yuck,” said Rebecca, “Your tongue looks like a Gum Leaf.

“Let’s do some tricks.”

“Good I’ll just ask my niece if we can borrow her’s”.

“Libby!” he called out. “Libby my beautiful niece, could we please borrow your trampoline, sweet.”

A young Koala came running out dressed in black leather pants and a sparkley blue short top. You could see the shinny ring in her belly button. “Oh do I have to ..... Aaaaaah! Who are these, these, people.”

“They are going to show me some trampoline tricks.”

Libby went and got her trampoline and set it up on the sun deck. Rebecca climbed up on the trampoline and said “Ladies and Gentlemen, Koalas and Koala girls, the first trick I will do is called a flip-flop.” She bounced up high and then landed on her bottom with her legs stretched out in front. As she bounced up again she swung her legs around the other way and twisted her body around 180 degrees before she landed on her bottom again. She was bouncing so high she did five flip-flops in a row.

King Kamen Koala shouted out, “Bravo. Bravo! Do another.”

Rebecca bounced up and did a somersault in the air.

Libby Koala said “Could you show me how?”

“Only one person at a time is allowed on a trampoline. We could have an accident.”

Rebecca hopped off and Libby jumped on and with some help from Rebecca she managed to do a flip-flop and half of a somersault.

Rebecca said, “If you do some more practice you’ll be able to do them as well as me soon.”

King Kamen Koala said, “Thank you very much for that. Would you like to stay in my Koala Motel. It’s just next door in the hollow tree.”

The whole family climbed down the tree and Chris drove the car over and parked it beside the hollow tree motel. They had a wonderful night listening to the frogs croaking and singing in the billabong next door. When they woke up there was a present for each of them beside their pillow. Chris got a new wallet made out of gum bark. Shirley some green sunglasses. Peter got a push bike made out of sticks and Rebecca got a some roller blades big enough to wear on her toes.

They drove home the next day and wondered whether or not Libby Koala and King Kamen Koala learnt the trampoline tricks or not?

The End

written by
Rebecca Tunny,
Peter Tunny and
Daryll Bellingham,
10/1/2001 ©

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