Freddie the Teddy meets the Monster.

Once upon time there was a Teddy called Freddie. He had a beautiful pair of green pants with red stripes on them. He bought these from a shop himself.
While he was on his way home from this shopping expedition, kicking his legs up in the air, feeling really happy, something happened.

A monster came out from behind a tree. The monster went "Aaagh." Freddie the Teddy screamed and he ran and ran. While he was running along the footpath he found some orange rope.
He tied it around himself and a tree trunk and climbed down a cliff.
The monster found the rope, pulled it up and tied it around himself. He jumped over the cliff after Freddie the Teddy but the rope untied at the tree stump and he fell down in a heap.
Splat !
Freddie the Teddy was very relieved and happy. He found a rattle and started to rattle it.

While he rattled, a vacuum cleaner came from behind the bushes. He kept rattling and the vacuum cleaner cleaned up the monster mess. Freddie the Teddy rattled and rattled all the way home. Everything was really clean.
When Freddie the Teddy arrived home, he told his Mum all about what had happened. He asked his Mum, "Would you like to try the rattle?"
His Mum was really pleased. She began to shake the rattle and out of the cupboard came a train. It went, "Toot. Toot."
It ran all around the room as Freddie the Teddy's Mum shook the rattle. When Freddie put up his hand the train stopped. It had cleaned up all of the mess.
From that day on every time Mum wanted to clean up any mess she would call Freddie the Teddy and he would bring out his rattle. He was really lucky to find this rattle.

(Copyright © 1998, Daryll Bellingham. This story was created by myself and the preschool children at the Our Lady of the Rosary School (Kenmore, Brisbane, Australia) through an interactive improvisation using objects children selected from the story bag . The wonderfl paintings, and others not published, were created by the students after my visit. Thanks to the students at Our Lady of the Rosary, especially Lauren, Shannon, Justin and Bridget and their teacher Ms. Patsy Funnell for organising it.)

These stories are available for downloading for the purpose of reading and telling to friends and family. If you do so, please acknowledge the creators and this Web site. If you would like to publish them (ie make them available to the public in any form including electronic) or tell/read/perform them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission.

Please contact me for permission or more information.

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