Crayon illustration of Emma Brains
In this story, we must introduce some characters or people. So, we'd like to introduce Emma Brains, our good young friend. Emma was an eight year old girl with shiny brown hair and, of course, very pretty too.

She had a diamond necklace that sparkled like silver stars in the night sky. She had frilly socks and black shoes that were covered in jewels such as diamonds, gold etc. Emma also had a puppy that was three months old. 

His name was max. The cute puppy was as delicate as a rose. Max was also an attractive playmate with golden hair as soft as silk. Everybody loved him because he was so gentle and kind. His collar was speckled with gold that reflected in the beautiful sunlight in the afternoon. 


Drawing of Mathew with piano, teddie, and maths.Now, we are going to introduce Emma's brother who was as smart as a cat. He was a quick learner and a beautiful piano player though he was only three years old. He had a mind full of knowledge, knew about Ancient Egypt, dinosaurs and he could even calculate very hard sums in his head. THe had beautiful blond hair with little bits of brown at the roots. His name was Mathew. 

In the story, you'll meet two cheeky Woozals, but lets not worry about them now. 

Professor BrainNow, in the 1980's Emma and Mathew's grandfather (Professor Brains) became famous throughout the world with his study on ancient life on earth. Now let's tell you he was a paleographer. He had big glasses and always looked sensible and important. So that was probably why he got to look after the grandchildren when the terrible car crash happened to Emma and Mathew's parents. It didn't surprise their family because they were always drunk. Professor Brains was 61 year sold. 

Drawing of GrandmaHis wife was a Chinese lady with gold coloured rims around her glasses. She had a walking stick in her hand and wore a dress. She always wore a red ruby necklace that looked like the red sun in the sunset. She was a great storyteller and, unlike her husband, she was always there when you wanted her. 

Drawing of a crowd and the Brains family entering IMAX.One day, the Brains family went to the IMAX theatre to watch a movie made by the best filmmaker in the world, Francis Packman. The movie was called 'The Army of the Woozals'. It was a long drive and Mathew was slowly dozing off. Suddenly, there was a screech!

"We're at IMAX kids!" grandma exclaimed, taking a picture of the car park. They quickly got out of the car and hurried into the huge cinema that was full of people running around like a colony of ants. Max wasn't allowed in the theatre so they tied him up near their car. 

At last they were at the box office and bought their tickets to watch the famous movie. Emma gave the people at the gate their tickets to watch 'The Army of the Woozals'. "Race you to the seats Mathew!" cried Emma, in the position to run. Mathew opened his mouth to speak, but Emma shot off before he could say a word. Mathew and the two old grandparents slowly caught up with Emma and they found seats to sit on. 

While the were finding seats, two cheeky Woozals (called Simon and Mary) were planning to kidnap professor and grandma Brains to get their money. The Woozals put the ladder on the back of the IMAX screen and beganclimbing it. Mary had tentacles on her head that looked like purple spotted seaweed swaying in the flowing water of the ocean. However Simon had only two tentacles on his head with feelers on the sides that looked like T-Rex's teeth. 

Drawing of the two Woozals Both of them had cheeky grins and water pistols. They had long trousers that were as black as ebony. 

As Mary and Simon climbed up the ladder, Mary (who was in the front) accidentally stepped on Simon's finger and then "Ow!" Simon yelled. "Shut up you little dummy!" Mary hissed. 

Suddenly there was a little tinkle. Mathew and Emma had very good ear and they heard it straight away. "You heard that didn't you?" Mathew said. Emma nodded with a worried look "Should we go and investigate?" Asked Mathew in a whisper. Emma nodded, but looked worryingly at their grandparents. Luckily their grandparents were asleep and they could go to the backstage to see if there was anything there. 

They hurried into the backstage and stopped just in time to see the Woozals shower people with sweets and water. The Woozals were discussing about kidnaping the Brains and Mathew knew what they were talking about. He whispered to Emma a plan and they hurried out of the backstage. In a flash, the Woozals kidnapped professor and grandma Brains. Everybody else were stuffing themselves with sweets so they didn't notice the incident happening. The Woozals suddenly stopped at the gate and there was Emma and Mathew with the police and the zoo keeper. 

After the Woozals were in the zoo for everyone to see, Emma and Mathew got a prize of $50 dollars for them to buy two guinea pigs. They became very rich by breeding guinea pigs and selling them. Professor Brains began studying Woozals and he became more famous with his theories then ever. 

This story was created by Everleigh, Maddy, Mirou and Sandy in year 4B\C at Ironside State Primary School, Brisbane, Australia following some story creation workshops with me. The students worked in teams to create and illustrate the stories and then voted for this story
as the one they would most like to see published.

Copyright for this story rests with the students listed above.

These stories are available for downloading for the purpose of reading and telling to friends and family. If you do so, please acknowledge the creators and this Web site. If you would like to publish them (ie make them available to the public in any form including electronic) or tell/read/perform them as a means of earning an income please seek my permission. In some cases they are entirely my artistic creation, in some cases I have collaborated with others and in other cases adapted a traditional story.

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