The following stories have been created by primary students from the St Peters Lutheran College Junior School following a series of workshops I ran for their class leading up to Book Week 2001. Following the workshops I acted as editor as they emailed their drafts and final versions of their stories to me. A big thanks to Steven, their class teacher, in working with me and the students on this project and Junior School Librarian Roslyn Gepp for organising the project.

In writing their stories the students drew both from exercises in the workshops and, of course, from their own reading and creativity. Some of the stories are the result of an exercise where we all created the start of a story about 'Sam' an adventurous and reckless student and his heroic mother. Others come from an exercise in exploring character and setting descriptions which asked them to begin a story with the line - 'I know a place where ...' or 'I know a person who.....'

So here are some of their stories for your enjoyment. Any feedback or comments are welcome.

Daryll Bellingham

'I know a place where' stories : The Boogie Board Stories:
'Kookie Hills' by Gabrielle 'The Boogie Board Beginning' (the class impro)s
'The Sweet Closet Adventure' by Siegfried 'The Time Mijigy' by Spud & Gabriel
' The Dreadful Lollie Land Witch' by Rebecca 'Ouch' by Alexandra
'The Secret World' by Lyndal 'The Eagle's Scream' by Olivia
'Late for School' by Anna 'The Flying Anzac Biscuit' by Elena
'Mum with a mission' by Maddie

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